Five Reasons to Visit Dubai

Guess the country where there was sand everywhere. Then, oil reserves were discovered, which changed the fate of this place. Yes, you are on the right way; it is the one and only Dubai. Sheikh Hamdan bin Mohammed Al Maktoum transformed the country of sand into a country full of tourist places. Whenever someone thinks of having a trip to a foreign country, the name Dubai gets into one’s mind. Travelling to Dubai is not so difficult but you can contact DM Consultant which is the best immigration consultant Delhi for all the information.

Dubai is a country with many reasons to visit besides tourism. Dubai’s government focuses on making it leading in all stuff. Here is the list of reasons to visit Dubai.

Visit the Tallest Building

Dubai possesses the superstructures in the world. Yes, you heard it right, the tallest building in the world, “Burj Khalifa”, with a height of 828 meters, is also in Dubai.

It is the building that attracts people from all over the world want to visit. It has not been seen that someone visited Dubai and did not visit Burj Khalifa. With its peak touching the clouds, Burj Khalifa provides an incredible view of Dubai. Looking from the window of its 163rd floor comes up with a heaven scene, and it is worth the tour to Dubai.

Biggest Ever Mall

As discussed earlier, Dubai’s government is taking it high in all fields. Here comes the greatest Mall in the world, Dubai Mall.

You can visit the Mall of Dubai when want to buy something or even do window shopping. Not only the people of Dubai come here but the people of all over the world get impressed by its enchanting building and variety of goods.

If you would want to visit this mall, January is the most suitable month. Because there is a shopping festival in this mall for a whole month, giveaways in this festival make it more unique. Dubai is famous for gold; you can also win gold and cars at this festival.

Food Courts

How is it possible that a country which is rich in all stuff possess poor food items to offer? There are some of the best food courts in Dubai where everyone can enjoy his favorite meals. There is a wide variety of food courts, including the Pakistani, French, Arab, Russian, Indian, and American food chains. Food festivals take place in these food chains throughout the year.

Biggest Artificial Beach

Almost everyone is familiar with the most extensive Artificial Beach in Dubai. Yes, you got it right; it’s Palm Jumeirah Beach, the most extensive artificial beach. Dubai government constructed it between 2001 and 2006.

Fountain show

Dubai Fountain is a unique fountain globally, with 25 colour stereopticon and 6,600 lights that attract tourists and photographers of every region. Arabic and other musical sounds enhance the beauty of the Dubai Fountain.

Final Words

All the above-mentioned facts were just a glimpse of Dubai, and there might be other reasons to visit it. However, don’t forget that Dm consultant is providing all the facilities of immigration under the same roof. This feature of DM Consultants makes it the best visa consultant in Delhi.

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