The Complete Guide to Saint Kitts and Nevis Citizenship by Investment

The program came into work during 1984 under the “Section 3 (5), of Saint Christopher & Nevis Citizenship Act”. According to this act, investors from foreign nations can get Saint Kitts and Nevis citizenship by investment program if they fulfill distinct conditions, given via the background reviews, and the process. The citizenship is lifelong, awarded within 4-5 months with no residency necessities.

Advantages of Holding the Nationality

  • You can transit freely without the necessity for a permit to the EU Schengen nations.
  • There is no necessity for citizenship or private visits to the nation.
  • The validity of the nationality status is for a lifetime.

  • Free of income, legacy, and finance taxes.
  • Can get an effortless 2nd passport and nationality for the member of your family.
  • Processing only takes three to four months.
  • Unrestricted to move in CARICOM.
  • Can avail citizenship without losing your existing country’s nationality status.

Conditions to be taken to get the Nationality

There are two investment approaches available, from which you will have to select one to get the nationality of Saint Christopher & Nevis country.

The Government’s Sustainable Growth Fund

This fund came into existence during the year 2018. Individuals are required to finance at least $150,000 on the reserve, while the condition is to invest at a minimum $195,000 for a 4-member family. Further for dependent members the person is required to fund at a minimum $10,000 irrespective of their age. The money in the fund is used to sustain the nation in areas including schooling, health, power, infrastructural developments, civilization, etc.

The Real Estate Investment

This alternative requires the applicant to invest at least an amount equal to $400,000. There are a certain amount of fees to be paid to the government that applies to the alternative. Property one bought can only be sold to any other person after finishing seven years of possession.

Steps You Will Need to Apply for

  • Preparation of the initial bunch of records including the copies of the passport, police certification, etc.
  • Applying for the nationality via agents who are authorized for the process. The person will have to pay expected diligence along with 50% lawyer expenses.

  • Wait till the approval from the government comes to you in the form of a letter. It takes at least three months for the application to process. It comes only after performing the background checks by the investment team.
  • Once you get the authorization letter, you will need to pay the rest of the investment amount left in order to get the visa.
  • Collect the new nationality certificate and visa from the respective authorities.

Residents from certain countries cannot apply for citizenship irrespective of where they are living at present. To learn more about our DM Citizenship by Investment, give us a call. Our team will be there to help you.

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